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Welcome to Leonard H. Marriott Law Corp. formerly known as Gerry M. Laarakker Law Corp. We are a small law firm located in the Okanagan Valley of BC. Gerry and Len are known for their personalized affordable service.

    Let us help you


    Update your existing will, or make your first will. Our simple and thorough process makes sure all your affairs are in order in a way that is easy to understand and affordable.

    estate planning

    Organize your affairs, minimize taxes, and make all necessary arrangements.

    power of attorney

    Choose and designate the appropriate person to act on your behalf. We walk you through how to make these big decisions and make sure it's done right.

    care agreements/elder law/representation agreements

    We help you figure out the next steps to ensure you are taken care of in every way as needed.


    Every person has a unique situation or request for what is best for their loved ones. Our expertise ensures your needs are taken care of.

    probating/ADMINISTerING estates

    We are here to help you navigate the probating and administering of estates in a professional and efficient manner. Ask us how we can be of service.

    real estate

    We are here to help with your with a real estate conveyance. As a small firm we provide efficient, timely and professional services including:

    • Agreements for purchase and sale
    • Contracts
    • Sales
    • Purchases
    • Mortgages, including private mortgages
    • Refinances
    • Severances of joint tenancy
    • Transfers to surviving joint tenant
    • Transfers of title
    • Removal of liens, including builders’ liens

    Non-contested Family Law

    • Separation Agreements
    • Living Together Agreements
    • Marriage Agreements

    small BUSINESS, corporate and commercial law

    We provide personalized and trusted legal advice to the entrepreneur and business owner.

    We work with proprietors, partnerships, corporations and joint ventures from initial organization to the various stages of growth and transitions businesses experience..

    Our work includes incorporation, partnerships, shareholder agreements, and buying and selling businesses. Call us today to see how we can be of service to you.

    Administrative law

    Call us today to see how we may be of service for your administrative needs.


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    Fax: 1(855)710-7456

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    Leonard H. Marriott, Lawyer and Notary


    #1, 4205 27th Street
    Vernon, BC
    Canada V1T 4Y3


    Monday through Thursday:  9a - 12:00p and 1:00p - 4:00p
    Closed on Friday
    Appointments outside of these business hours may be available.

    COMPLIMENTARY resources

    At Leonard H Marriott Law Corp we provide you with every day tools to help you with your everyday legal matters.

    power of attorney 

    The Power of Attorney form is used to give another party authorization to act on behalf of someone in affairs relating to legal matters. 

    They are legal documents completed by a Principal to appoint an Attorney to act on their behalf in the event of extended absence, illness, disability or for needs requiring proof of authorization.

    executor's duties

    So now you are an executor. This document will walk you through all your duties and help prepare your for the tasks involved in settling an estate with this step-by-step guide.

    Will Questionaire

    The Will Questionnaire will help you get prepared for your complimentary will consultation at our offices. It only takes a few minutes and will give you peace of mind in putting your affairs in order.

    Child Travel Declaration

    Have peace of mind when travelling on yoru own with yoru children by completing the Child Declaration form.

    We recommend a child who is travelling with only one parent for even a small portion of a trip (e.g. when returning to Canada with only one parent) carry a consent letter signed by the non-accompanying parent. 

    Civil Recovery Demands

    We help those being bullied for petty theft.

    This article is about shoplifting and the "Civil Recovery Demands" aftermath. I do not approve of shoplifting, but I also understand that human beings are what they are and we all will make mistakes. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    However, to demand a huge payment for "Civil Recovery" and threatening to sue is simply wrong. I have acted for clients who accidentally walked out of the store with a small item worth a few dollars. They were placed under arrest, the item was returned to the store and the police were called.

    The police declined to charge for such a small amount but a few weeks my client would receive a demand letter for as much as $800 to offset the cost of this 'Arrest' and "investigation" and were threatened with a law suit if they did not pay up.

    There are a few lawyers in Ontario who engage in this practice.

    They harass people across Canada. They have an arrangement with a store to pursue any shoplifters caught for any shoplifting, whether criminally convicted or not. This is usually done on a split-recovery basis. In other words, the lawyer gets to keep part of the money, the store gets to keep the rest.

    One little twist is that the favourite target of these stores and lawyers is the new immigrant preferably from countries with a very oppressive regime, or a student on a visa or a housewife who would be too embarrassed to tell her husband.

    In other words, vulnerable minorities who are afraid of authority figures. People who do not know how to defend themselves.

    As a lawyer I am offended that another lawyer would engage in such practices, but that is between that lawyer and his sense of ethics.

    It should be clearly understood that they have no "Cause of Action" (that is, 'No Basis') for a law suit, but that does not stop them. Many people pay up because they are terrified of getting a lawyer's letter. As one Canadian Ethics Professor has referred to it: "It is extortion by letterhead".

    I am unable to stop that practice, so I have decided to help the public for a very nominal fee. So far (March 19, 2013) I have helped about 200 people with a 100% success rate. If you want me to help you, please read the attached document:

    Click on the link to learn: "What to do when you receive a Civil Recovery Demand".

    About us

    Vernon Lawyers.jpeg

    we care

    about you and you loved ones

    • We make time for you
    • We make sure all your concerns are addressed and taken care of
    • We do great work paying close attention to get the job done right, the first time
    • We are great at what we do
    • We specialize in what we do
    • Our clients trust us
    • We are affordable, professional and personable

    our Team

      Leonard H. Marriott

    Leonard H. Marriott

      Gerry M. Laarakker

    Gerry M. Laarakker

     Kathryn N. Johnston

    Kathryn N. Johnston


    Leonard H. Marriott

    Leonard brings a rich background to his practice with a lifetime of experience in the agri-food industry and agriculture.

    You may know him locally as the founder of the award winning cheese company, Terrior Cheese.

    Leonard is passionate about giving personalized service in his law practice and goes the extra mile for his clients making sure all their legal needs are taken care of.

    He specializes in wills, estate planning, probating/administering estates, elder law, uncontested divorces, real estate, and small business, corporate and commercial law.

    In his off time Leonard likes to ride his bike, hike the local trails and hang out with his dog, Shyla, Watch for him at a local farmer's market, winery or special event sharing his love for local products. 


    Gerry M. Laarakker

    Gerry founded this law practice over 20 years ago as a solo law practitioner with Leonard taking the lead in January 2018.

    Gerry is known to be forthright, thorough, affordable and professional. You know when you work with Gerry the job gets done right.

    He specializes in wills, estate planning, uncontested family, uncontested divorce, separation agreements, prenups and and small business, corporate and commercial law.

    Gerry is an avid reader. When his nose is not in a book and he is not in the office you will find him spending time with friends, or relaxing with his family.


    Kathryn N. Johnston

    Watch for Kathryn's Picture coming soon!

    Kathryn, or Katy as we like to call her, is our newest edition to the office. She keeps us all organized!

    Her tenacious spirit keeps our real estate files in order and done on time every time. She is reliable and puts a personalized effort into taking care of everyone who walks through our doors. 

    She loves the outdoors, horses, her family and learning new things.

    Our Office

    #1, 4205 27th Street
    Vernon, BC
    Canada V1T 4Y3

    ***Parking  located behind building

    ***Access is off 42nd Ave


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    We are here to help you. 

    **All will consultations are complimentary**


    (250) 260-4273

    Fax: 1(855)710-7456

    Wir sprechen Deutsch (We speak German)

    Wij spreken Nederlands (We speak Dutch)


    Leonard H. Marriott, Lawyer and Notary


    Monday through Thursday: 9a - 12:00p and 1:00p - 4:00p
    Closed on Friday
    Appointments outside of these business hours may be available.

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    We are here to help you